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We’re a service oriented company now providing:

Dust Control Services

Affordable & Reliable

When dust is hanging in the air you want to know that a solution is quick and effective. NSI has built our company by providing reliable, consistent, quality products and services. Our goal is to work with you as quickly as possible to meet the schedule you require and help solve the problem you are having.

Evironmentally Friendly

We understand how important dust control is to both the environment and to the human population. Loose gravel can damage not only vehicles, but cause unsafe road conditions which may lead to accidents. Dust control provides a cleaner, safer air quality and home environment for those who live on gravel roads. The use of dust control is healthier for local crops and vegetation and lakes and streams; by not losing particles to air and waterways.

Cost Effective

Northern Salt’s dust control services also reduce the cost of maintaining Minnesota’s many gravel roads. When a road can retain its aggregate, there is a reduced need for new gravel to be hauled in and graded. It also makes roads less susceptible to potholes and wash boarding, creating better, safer road conditions.

What do we use?

Our product is hygroscopic, meaning that it attracts moisture from the atmosphere and is resistant to evaporation, so it works to retain moisture in the road surface allowing dust to be diminished.

Where our product is most effective:

• Gravel Roads
• Campgrounds and RV parks
• Recreation areas
• Construction job sites
• Base Stabilization
• Fair grounds
• Athletic fields
• Equipment lots
• Mining and quarry haul roads
• Agricultural sites
• Equestrian

Who we work with:

• Government
• Private Industry
• Lake Associations
• Agriculture
• Residential

Additional Services

In addition to dust control, we provide deicing services such as salt application, delivery, and storage services.