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Liquid Products

Providing year-round dust control, deicing application, and delivery services for your organization.

  • 23.3% liquid salt brine
  • No messy white residue
  • Reduces costs
  • Lowers chloride impact on environment
  • Reduces need for granular deicer by 40%
  • Superior melting capability
  • Helps prevent bond between snow and pavement
  • Proprietary blend of liquid deicer
  • Reduces amount of chlorides applied by 40%
  • Significantly improves working temperature of salt
  • Corrosion inhibitor
  • 32% liquid calcium chloride
  • Enhances effectiveness of salting
  • Melts ice twice as fast with long lasting results
  • 10x less harmful to vegetation
  • Ideal for pre-wetting and anti-icing

Liquid Deicer & Dust Control

Liquid Deicer

Calcium chloride added to your winter arsenal gives you an effective tool to help combat our brutal Minnesota winters. The exothermic reaction produced gives superior melting capability over other products, working to subzero temperatures.

NSI provides both a salt brine solution as well as 32% calcium chloride as tools to help combat our Minnesota winters. The use of liquids is becoming a larger part of winter snow service and we offer have both products available for either pick up or delivery.

Working with NSI gives you a company focused on service. We strive to partner with people who understand the demands of winter and work towards creating solutions that give results.

Dust Control

When dust is hanging in the air you want to know that a solution is quick and effective. NSI has built our company by providing reliable, consistent, quality products and services. Our goal is to work with you as quickly as possible to meet the schedule you require and help solve the problem you are having.

We understand how important dust control is to both the environment and to the human population. Loose gravel can damage not only vehicles, but cause unsafe road conditions which may lead to accidents. Dust control provides a cleaner, safer air quality and home environment for those who live on gravel roads.